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  • IO1: Best Practices based on Case Studies

Based on the good/best examples in partner and EU countries, we will present suggestions for the solution of the main obstacles faced by municipal PECs. This will be based on a comparative situation analysis of PEC related problems due to refugee crisis in all partner countries. Good examples will be provided as case studies in video format.

  • IO2: Support portal for Municipal PEC Educators with resources

The portal is addressed to municipal PEC educators and provides key resources on overcoming refugee challenges, while allowing to share and discuss their experiences/problems/good & best practices with each other. This platform will be open to all adult educators in all EU (and candidate) countries.

  • IO3: Learning modules

After determining the needs of municipal PECs in terms of refugee challenges, modules illustrating and introducing the solutions for these problems will be prepared.

  • IO4: Development of mobile platform & interaction tools

In order to reach a more diverse target group in a quicker way, our outcomes will be presented in a mobile application (Android). Mobile interaction tools for municipal PEC educators will support their work with refugees. It will be based on the EASY-TO-READ illustrated training material.

  • IO5: Usability report

The usability report will report on the thorough evaluation and assessment of the usability of the IO1, IO2, IO3, and IO4 in terms of their effectiveness, impact in terms of improved level of knowledge and awareness of municipality PEC educators.

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