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The unprecedented refugee crisis is increasingly spilling over to affect apart from the wider region, also Europe. Reality shows that refugee people face a range of barriers to enter urban life in their new countries, especially related to the fact that their new environment is not always prepared for dealing with refugee people. This situation has forced municipalities and local authorities to assume key roles in managing the crisis by providing services and integrating refugees into their communities.

The refugee crisis has also caused social tensions so ensuring social cohesion by involving both refugees and host communities in joint activities will contribute to improved relations, coexistence and stability within host municipalities.

The project Supporting Public Education Centres Educators for Refugee Adaptation” addresses inclusive support for training of the municipal Public Educational Centres (PEC) educators to provide well-qualified education, so they can cope with refugee adults that are often lacking the language skills, so that they can fully participate.

Municipal PEC educators facing such problems should be more prepared to know how to deal with it. Ensuring the provision of a modular training that addresses the main issues (integration, adaptation, language, war traumas, dealing with stress, right of refugees) should form an important part of the response to the current challenges. This training and supporting will combat some of the factors contributing to educational failure of these people, while it should aid in combatting the risk of integration problems to urban life.

Target groups:

  • Municipalities and their PEC educators
  • Pedagogical and psychological experts
  • Refugee adults (living in the city)

Start date: 31 December 2020
End date: 29 June 2023

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